Consumer behavior has been going through radical changes over the last several years. Vaping is simply the trend towards finding the ideal “Flavor Individualization”.

As consumers, we now demand immediate Flavor Gratification. We want a flavor for every mood and whim.

  • “Mixers” for our Alcohol are now too inefficient. Flavored vodkas have doubled their market share in the US from 13% to 26% from 2007 to 2012.
  • A whole pot of coffee is too much “Flavor Sameness”. Sales of single-serve flavored coffee tripled from 2011 to 2013. K-Cups are now offered in over 200 varieties, including Cinnamon Pastry, Kahlua, Apple Caramel Pie and Raspberry Chocolate Truffle.
  • We won’t even accept bottled water that tastes like water. The flavored “Water Enhancers” market, in existence only since 2011, will be a multi-billion dollar industry in 2014.
  • A good ol’ fashioned 12-pack of beer now feels like prison. We want more variety. In 2013, Craft Beer sales were up 17%, Miller Coors sales were down 3%, and Budweiser down 1.7%.

Graph to show the average age of vapersOne of the most common criticisms of vaping is that it is a-gateway” to the smoking of traditional cigarettes.  This is a somewhat common belief because, on the face of it, it seems to be a reasonable argument. As a society we have worked hard to stop young people from smoking and we don’t want all the progress we have made to go down the drain.  But I believe t hat it is important to point out that most of the individuals that currently espouse this “gateway” theory come from a generation that was once truly tempted by the allure of smoking. Men they were in their formative years determining whether or not to smoke cigarettes was high on the list of important decisions that had to be made about their lives.

But, today’s young adults understand implicitly that vaping is not only vastly different from smoking; it’s also vastly superior.

In the past, smoking was indeed a true temptation for young adults because many of their peers chose to smoke, and although smoking was not considered praiseworthy, it was also not considered abnormal. In the future, as more and more young adults choose to vape instead of smoke, smoking will become even further de-normalized.

Because it is the more viable option, vaping bumps smoking of the list of the most important formative decisions that must be made.

For the younger generation, vaping does not lead to an inclination to smoke, instead vaping leads to the inclination to perceive smoking as pathetic and abnormal. Vaping does not attract a young vaper towards smoking, it repels them even farther from the possibility of ever lighting up a traditional cigarette.
Vaping is a GATEWAY to NEVER smoking!

About Vapor Lives

Ecigs increase in popularity“I enjoy Vaping!”, maybe, “I am a Vaper!” how about …”I am one who Vapes!”?

I am still not as confident as I would like to be when I talk about my fondness of Electronic Cigarettes.

Like most other Vapers, one of the things I enjoy most about this E-cig revolution is the almost unlimited flavor options available in E-Liquids. I like trying new things and love dabbling with new flavor combinations. I also like doing a little research prior to purchasing new things to see which options would be the best fit for me.

I can Google stuff with the best of ’em, but despite my dedicated searches, I couldn’t find a decent independent resource, book nor magazine, that provided unbiased information on the Electronic Cigarette Industry or E-Liquid Manufacturers.

So I decided since there is such a void in the marketplace, I may as well try to fill it. My attempt to fill this void of reliable information has given rise to this site.



It has to be said that there is a wealth of information online about electronic cigarettes and vaping, but one site that I always use for up to date information is SmokeTastic, they look at the best electronic cigarette brands and manufacturers on the market and also all the latest news concerning vaping. Go check them out on



Top 50 eLIQUIDs

Vapor Digest
1 Johnson Creek Spiced Apple Cider Beverage 97
2 American E Liquid Champagne Alcohol 96
3 HK Hangsen-CV Rum Alcohol 95
4 NicVape Blackberry Mountain Duh Beverage 94
5 iVape Jamaican Herbs & Pine Herbs & Spice 94
6 HK Hangsen-CV Jasmine Floral & Fragrance 94
7 Mad Vapes Spearmint Menthol & Mint 94
8 Johnson Creek Swiss Dark Candy & Sweets 94
9 NicQuid Strawberry Fruit 94
10 NicQuid Sinnamon Herbs & Spice 93
11 Texas Select Pomegranate Fruit 93
12 Mister E Liquid Ch Ch Chai Tea Coffee & Tea 93
13 NicQuid Peach Lemonade Beverage 93
14 Johnson Creek Arctic Menthol Menthol & Mint 93
15 Texas Select Oatmeal Cookie Dessert & Bakery 93
16 Kalamazoo Vapor OMFG Tobacco Tobacco 93
17 American E Liquid Banana Nut Bread Dessert & Bakery 93
18 Hot Vapes Caramel Apple Dessert & Bakery 92
19 Kalamazoo Vapor KVS Coffee Coffee & Tea 92
20 ECBlend Absinthe Alcohol 92
21 American E Liquid Dura Bull Beverage 92
22 Hot Vapes Pistachio Nut 92
23 Texas Select Watermelon Fruit 92
24 HK Hangsen-CV Almond Nut 92
25 Johnson Creek Summer Peach Fruit 92
26 Johnson Creek Black Cherry Fruit 92
27 NicVape Watermelon Bubblegum Candy & Sweets 92
28 American E Liquid Peanut Butter Cup Candy & Sweets 92
29 NicVape Sour Apple Fruit 92
30 NicQuid Butterscotch Candy & Sweets 91
31 Mad Vapes Papaya Fruit 91
32 American E Liquid Tobacco Cherry Tobacco 91
33 ECBlend Lavender Floral & Fragrance 91
34 HK Hangsen-CV Deluxe Menthol Menthol & Mint 91
35 Kalamazoo Vapor Merlot Alcohol 91
36 iVape Carolina Crush Tobacco 91
37 Johnson Creek Espresso Coffee & Tea 91
38 Johnson Creek French Vanilla Candy & Sweets 91
39 American E Liquid Tobacco Cocoa Tobacco 91
40 ECBlend Dill Pickle Miscellaneous 90
41 Hot Vapes Menthol Clove Menthol & Mint 90
42 Mad Vapes Amaretto Alcohol 90
43 HK Hangsen-CV HazelNut Nut 90
44 Mister E Liquid Peppermint Espresso Coffee & Tea 90
45 iVape FrostFire Menthol & Mint 89
46 Mister E Liquid Peach Cobbler Dessert & Bakery 89
47 ECBlend Ginger Herbs & Spice 88
48 Johnson Creek Chocolate Truffle Dessert & Bakery 88
49 Mister E Liquid Menthol Menthol & Mint 88
50 iVape Blu Waffle Miscellaneous 87